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A dental exam is an important part of your dental health routine. Getting a check up every six months can help you avoid costly and uncomfortable dental problems down the road. Let’s make sure your smile is healthy and bright! Your dental hygienist will be able to provide expert advice and services to ensure your dental health is in tip top condition. Why wait? Schedule your dental check up today with Dental Arts of Tucson and get one step closer to a brighter smile – you deserve it! Once your health is stable, we find a single annual exam is sufficient for most people. We never provide unnecessary services just because “insurance allows it.”

Dental Arts of Tucson offers comprehensive dental exams to ensure you have a healthy smile.

Dr. Maskell is very thorough. He does not just look at single teeth that need fixing, but is a physician of the head and neck. During his comprehensive exam he will screen for oral cancer, assess your temporomandibular joint, check your nasal breathing, and even the range of motion your tongue can use. Dr. Maskell knows that teeth are just one part of a system—a system that helps you breathe, eat, and communicate. Dentistry is much, much more than simply treating tooth decay and gum disease. Schedule an appointment and find out for yourself!

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